TEKWARO Cultural Hub

'' where the past is present''

Tekwaro Cultural Hub

         ‘’where the past is present’’





Tekwaro is an Acholi / Luo word that means culture or way of life.  Tekwaro cultural hub will offer a unique African experience. The hub will be built in a  peaceful rural Acholi village that will offer visitors a charming culture for all to experience.

Tekwaro will provide visitors with a better understanding of the rich Acholi culture traditional and customs.

The centre will offer cultural study programmes and volunteering projects for international and local students to study Acholi cultre

The cultural hub will have a living museum where real-life families will live and will show visitors their ancient ways of life. There will be opportunities to participate in various activities in the homesteads. 

The hub will be developed as a domestic and international tourist village that will feature a traditional Acholi homestead, bar & restaurant, mega outdoor BBQ pit, outdoor performance stage, library, arts & crafts centre, model farm, digital library, conference centre, accommodation, camping site, picnic area with free onsite parking area.

The effect of the war on Acholi culture

"The conflict in the camps stressed and twisted and distorted Acholi cultural and social bonds but didn't break them, it broke some but not irreparably"

Prof Ronald Atkinson - University of South Carolina

The war

The war (1986-2008)left social, cultural destruction and misery in its path. This threat created great unrest and disturbance in the social structure of the Acholi people, leading to the perceived social breakdown that persists today.

The effect of 20 years of living in IDP camps, many Acholi people today don’t know or understand their culture and do not participate in cultural events, and communal gatherings anymore.


Cultural revival

The restoration and renewal of cultural values and traditions can be enormously helpful in assisting people to deal with the past, forge a new post-conflict identity and rebuild social cohesion and culture.

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